Our mission is to deliver Walloon Lake, a place where people and nature thrive, to the next generations through the power of conservation.



The keen interest in protecting Walloon Lake dates back to the 1910’s when forward-thinking neighbors created the historical Walloon Lake Association. They began by collecting water samples – becoming the lake’s unofficial original guardians and establishing an everlasting commitment to water quality.   

Understanding that one of the best ways to keep Walloon Lake pristine for generations to come was to protect both its land and water, neighbors in the historical Association banded together in the 1970’s to create the Walloon Lake Trust and Conservancy. Members pooled their resources to form the Trust and to begin establishing nature preserves. These areas provide space for people to enjoy the natural beauty that is Walloon Lake while protecting the water that flows through them. 

The two environmental guardians — Walloon Lake Association with its lake monitoring and the Walloon Lake Trust and Conservancy with its conservation efforts — consolidated into one organization in 2019 that is now known as the Walloon Lake Association and Conservancy (WLAC). 



Today, the WLAC continues this tradition of stewardship through water testing, shoreline surveys, invasive species monitoring, safety lessons, and overall lake management. Our work doesn’t stop there. It extends beyond the shoreline to Walloon Lake’s watershed –- the land surrounding the lake. We educate neighbors and visitors, offering hiking trails, and promoting environmental research and initiatives. All of which is directly supported by our dedicated members

We proudly steward over 2,300 acres, including 54 preserves and 20 conservation easements, uniting more than 1,000 members across two counties and five townships, all in an effort to protect Walloon Lake and its watershed. While our commitment to water quality helps to preserve Walloon Lake’s allure, we also ensure the lake remains an unpolluted tributary of Little Traverse Bay and ultimately, Lake Michigan.

Uniquely organized as a land trust and an association of conservation-minded neighbors, the WLAC gives the Walloon Lake watershed the best odds to remain a thriving area while also connecting people to the natural splendor it has to offer. We achieve this by providing safe access to nature, educational opportunities, and outdoor activities. Our programs foster environmental responsibility and appreciation for the lake and surrounding land, year-round.


The WLAC has taken a large step in propelling the organization by rolling out a new 2023-2027 Strategic Plan. The creation of this plan was led by staff, volunteers and the Board with a process that included stakeholder surveys, a multi-day retreat and months of committee work. The final goals are focused around community conservation and engagement, which will help lead to increased coordination between partner organization and local units of government. The restated mission of the orgainization is to deliver Walloon Lake, a place where people and nature thrive, to the next generation through the power of conservation. At the heart of this plan is looking beyond the shores of Walloon Lake at what opportunities, resources and services we can provide for the diverse communities that surround us. Below is a snapshot of the new plan:

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