Volunteers are truly the heart and soul of the Walloon Lake Association and Conservancy. Our organization is not only six staff members, but rather a community of supporters dedicated to land and lake protection. 

Whether you are participating in committee work, helping with water quality monitoring or just hiking your favorite preserve trail, you are making a difference on Walloon. We are eternally grateful to have so many dedicated volunteers helping preserve this special place. 

Learn more about the different ways you can get involved below:



Planning on doing some hiking on our preserves? You could help us out by filling out a Preserve Monitoring Report while out on the trails. 

By actively monitoring and visiting preserves through the Preserve Monitoring Program, you can help prevent misuse, observe natural disturbances, and evaluate our management plans and practices. Preserve monitoring also allows our stewardship staff to keep the preserves you love safe and protected.

Click here to access our Preserve Monitoring Form



Want to get outside and get your hands dirty? Want to have a team day of service? Each year we have several preserve projects planned that you can participate in. Work days include: Earth Day, Garlic Mustard Pulling, Annual Work Day at Postle Farm Preserve, and Butterfly Garden Planting.




Volunteers will be assigned a kestrel box on a preserve to monitor March through July. Monitors will look for signs of kestrels nesting, mating, and laying eggs. Volunteers are encouraged to dedicate time to monitor the box frequently (at least monthly) throughout the season. Learning common northern Michigan bird species will be a part of the program and a training session is necessary before beginning monitoring sessions (to be scheduled at your convenience). Click here to learn more about the American Kestrel Monitoring Program.



We recently launched a new program dedicated to helping protect our pollinators – the birds, bees, and butterflies. This summer, we will be preparing and planting over 3 acres of pollinator gardens on our preserves. If you’d like to help, we will be hosting weekly volunteer opportunities on Thursdays.





Each year in May and September, the WLAC partners with the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council to conduct stream monitoring on the Bear River, Schoof’s Creek, and Fineout Creek. During these monitoring sessions, volunteers collect macroinvertebrates present in the streams and take notes of the condition of the stream. The collected macroinvertebrates are then turned over to Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council for analysis. 

Stream Monitoring volunteers will learn more about the aquatic insects that thrive in our freshwater ecosystems and how they can help indicate a stream’s overall health. You must be comfortable in waders and walking into the stream.




Vernal pools are small, temporary wetlands that are important for maintaining healthy forest ecosystems and provide critical breeding habitats for amphibians and invertebrates. They are also vulnerable to climate change and human activity. Conservation of vernal pools requires increased awareness, knowledge, and protection, including regular monitoring. Vernal Pool Monitoring volunteers will help stewardship staff monitor Postle Farm Preserve and the Mill Pond Nature Area for seasonal vernal pools (spring-fall).




From membership to environmental impact, our most dedicated volunteers work with staff on our different WLAC committees:

Fund Development, Finance, Government Affairs, Land Protection, Land Stewardship, Safety, Membership and Outreach and Water Quality





Lake Ambassadors not only help promote our mission, but they serve as champions of Walloon! The purpose of the Lake Ambassador Program is to bring the neighbors of Walloon together. The five pillars are communication, awareness, participation, community, and having fun.




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