WLAC Members care deeply about the quality of the waters of Walloon Lake and the quality of life around it.  A sand-bottom, spring-fed lake that’s a gem of the up north landscape, Walloon extends into two counties and five townships.  

More than 1,000 residents occupy the shoreline, over 75% of whom are members and supporters of the WLAC. This rate of participation is among the highest in lake associations in the state of Michigan, and attests to the dedication of our members to protect the beauty and quality of this lake.  

But our membership is not just for lakefront owners, it’s for everyone who loves Walloon. Dues fund both our land and water programming and go directly towards protecting the Walloon watershed as a whole.

Please join us as we work to preserve, protect, and care for our beautiful Walloon Lake.

Membership is only $95 annually.




By becoming a member, your dues are helping protect the pristine beauty of Walloon by providing:


As a Member of the Walloon Lake Association and Conservancy, an annual benefit is being invited to and voting in the Board of Trustees election at our Annual Meeting. Below is the presentation from 2023, including our Water Quality Report and Shoreline Tips + Tricks:

2023 Annual Meeting Presentation


By becoming a member, you will receive the following exclusive benefits:

  • Annual Directory – Published in June, the Annual Directory includes member listings, important organizational information, community resources, and more.
  • Wallooner Newsletter – This time-honored newsletter is published three times per year (spring, summer, and winter) and features a wide variety of articles highlighting Walloon history, our land and water programs, and local news/events.
  • Community Connections – Get to know fellow Wallooners through events and communications.

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