How can I support Walloon

Since 1975, the Walloon Lake Trust and Conservancy has protected the natural beauty, character, and quality of lands and waters in the Walloon Lake watershed.

There are many ways to help financially support the organization which protects the lake and the watershed for all to enjoy.

Make a one-time donation

Secure the future of Walloon for this generation and the next by giving a monthly donation.

Make the Pledge

Since 1978, the Conservancy has protected over 60 properties and 2,000 acres, including 3,000 feet of stream and lakeshore frontage.

Become a partner in conservation

Leave a lasting legacy to preserve the lands and waters of this special place.

Leave a legacy
Wooded Lake view

Together, we’ve preserved more than 2,000 acres, including 43 Nature Areas and Preserves, 20 permanent conservation easements, and over six miles (33,196 feet!) of shoreline and streams.

Leave a Legacy

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer expertise, energy, and enthusiasm is used throughout our organization
– our work depends on volunteers!

Becoming a Board Member or Trustee

We look forward to working with you to protect the Walloon we all love.