Kayak / Canoe

Schoof’s Creek Nature Area – Schoof’s Creek Preserve & Doyle King Preserve

Kayak from Jone’s Landing (or anywhere on the North Arm!) into the tranquil Schoof’s Creek waters protected by the two preserves. Beavers have used this small stream for dams for several years – you’ll likely kayak over a couple. Keep your eyes open for wildlife and enjoy the view of the rich conifer swamp along the creek.

South Arm Nature Area – Noel Preserve and Walloon South Bay Preserve

Kayaking into the South Arm Creek (Fineout Creek) is possible, but gets thick and tough. Explore the shoreline protected by these two preserves.


West Arm Shoreline

Several protected lands in the watershed along the West Arm also protect shoreline. You can enjoy natural shoreline and the wildlife along the shore anywhere by launching at:

  • Stolt Road and paddle north through the Mill Pond
  • Townsend Road and paddle north through the Mill Pond
  • Camp Sherwood Road and paddle south along Camp Michigania and Mackinaw State Forest shoreline