Walloon Lake Association


According to the September 10, 1960, edition of the Petoskey Evening News, the Walloon Lake Association first came into being in 1910.

First officers were Harry S. Jordan, president; J. H. Smith, vice-president; Paul M. Taylor, secretary; and Julius Dick, treasurer. The other original trustees were John Baer, Alfred E. Hass, George G. McKercher, R. T. Merrill, Fred Shephard and Samuel D. Walden.

Records of the Association’s activities during the next 50 years are skimpy, to say the least. As an item of interest, the first Association officers were principals in the early dam lawsuits. Perhaps that contributed to the founding of the Association.

The new (and current) Walloon Lake Association was incorporated on September 30, 1960, with Henry A. Beadell its first president, Kingsley Brown vice-president and Roy G. Michell secretary and treasurer.