How to Preserve Your Land

Private landowners can have a positive impact on their own quality of life, as well as on the natural environment and community at large. As a landowner, you can work in conjunction with the Walloon Lake Trust and Conservancy to ensure your property remains immune from development pressure and sustains its natural value.

Donating Your Land

Donated land most often will be managed by the Conservancy as a permanent nature preserve, open to the public. If this land is adjacent to an existing nature preserve, the Conservancy may decide to add acreage making a larger preserve. The Conservancy often names a nature preserve resulting from a donation in your honor or in the memory of your family or loved ones.

The Conservancy considers the organizational mission, its legal responsibilities as a tax-exempt non-profit, and the land characteristics to guide acceptance of land donations. The Walloon Lake Trust and Conservancy has worked with many families in the watershed to protect land through direct property donations, or taking monetary donations with the sole purpose to purchase a certain important piece of land. Learn more about our projects here.

Conservation Easements

Another impactful tool for private landowners is the Conservation Easement. These tools enable a conservation organization like the Walloon Lake Trust and Conservancy to work closely with a private landowner who will voluntarily limit or give to the Conservancy certain rights on their property through a conservation easement.

You may also preserve your land through stewardship actions such as managing larger parcels for sustainable timber harvest, inventorying and managing invasive plant species, and working with your neighbors to prevent their spread. Even if you own a smaller parcel, along the lake, along a river, or in a neighborhood there are many actions that have big positive impacts.

The first step to learning more is to talk to our staff. Call or email with any questions! We look forward to meeting you and hearing what you love about your land.

Protecting Family Land in the Walloon Lake Watershed

The Walloon Lake Trust and Conservancy has worked with 20 families in the watershed to protect private land with conservation easements.


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