Who to Call

The Role of the Walloon Lake Association

The Association’s purpose is to preserve the qualities that make Walloon Lake a unique resource for all. The Walloon Lake Association is not an enforcing body.  It does, however, support strict enforcement of all Township and/or County ordinances affecting the lake and its watershed.

It is the intent of the Walloon Lake Association to take whatever steps are necessary to assure that all property owners on and around Walloon Lake know which permits are required and how to apply for one.  In addition, the Association’s representatives may contact property owners who are observed to be taking actions that require permits to advise them of the permits they may need and to provide what assistance they can.  

Association committees and volunteers are available to provide assistance

Neighborhood Captains are volunteers who have agreed to provide service to approximately 20 lakefront residences in their own neighborhoods.  Each captain is available to assist the property owners in his or her neighborhood and to advise the Association of any problems in that neighborhood.  If you do not know the name of your Neighborhood Captain, it may be obtained by calling the Association office.

The Government Affairs Committee is made up of Township Representatives, each of whom work closely with their respective township boards, attending most of those board’s meetings. Township Representatives, one for each of the five townships bordering the lake, serve as the voice of lake property owners. The Government Affairs Committee is your source for information and about how  landowners and and should comply with ordinances and regulations and assures that violations are brought to the attention of appropriate governmental bodies with appropriate follow-up actions. The committee also works to assure that the language in ordinances and their enforcement are in the best interests of Walloon Lake.

Listed below are some pertinent names and telephone numbers you will find helpful if you plan to modify structures or work extensively on your property:

Walloon Lake Association Office

 (231) 535-6112

Government Affairs Committee

Wally Reynolds (Chairman) (231) 347-4695

Township Representatives

Bay Township
Jim Anderton (231) 582-7888

Bear Creek Township
Michael Eberhart (231) 838-1588

Evangeline Township
Robert Saddler (248) 709-8264

Melrose Township
Mary Pat Goldich (231) 535-2225

Resort Township
Walter Reynolds (231) 347-4695
Donald Burkhardt (231) 487-1946

Environmental Impact Committee

Russ Kittleson (Chairman) (248) 756-4242

Water Quality Committee

Amy Heilala (248) /214-1461

Building Permits

Charlevoix County Building Department
Kevin Schlickau (231) 547-7236

Emmet County Planning & Building Department
Martin VanBerlo (231) 348-1735

Septic/Well Permits

The Northwest Michigan Community Health Agency

Charlevoix County Sanitarian
Mike Jones (231) 547-7641

Emmet County Sanitarian
Dan Begnoche 231/347-4638

Michigan DEQ (Wetlands & Shoreline Permits)

Charlevoix County/Emmet County
Scott Rasmusson (989)313-9708

Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Office

Charlevoix County
Russ Smith  (231) 547-7236

Emmet County
Nancy Salar (231) 439-8996

Zoning Compliance

Bay Township Zoning Administrator
Ron Van Zee (231) 373-9132

Emmet County Zoning Administrator
Bear Creek Township
Tammy Dornenburg  (231) 348-1725

Evangeline Township Zoning Administrator
Patrick Kilkenny  (231) 582-0337

Melrose Township Zoning Administrator
Randy Frykberg (231) 330-1249

Resort Township Zoning Administrator
Larry Houghton 231/347-7915

Ordinances govern how you may modify your land or buildings. Others are designed to maintain and improve water quality; for example, establishing and maintaining a greenbelt is the single most important thing you can do as a lakefront property owner to protect the quality of the lake. Please make yourself aware of your Township’s Ordinances and strive to abide by them.

To avoid future problems, become familiar with the: Property Owners Handbook For Modifications to Land or Structures 2016