In a few places on the lake, a naturally occurring sandbar has formed near shore, providing shallow water and an opportunity to wade or swim. The state forest land near camp Michigania offers a wonderful opportunity to anchor and enjoy an afternoon of swimming and relaxation, but many sandbars are on private property.

Please remember these important sandbar courtesies:

  • On an inland lake, lakefront owners also own the bottomlands extending from their shoreline to the middle of the lake. The house or cottage with a sandbar in front is the owner of the property to the center of the lake; anchoring on these bottomlands is trespass.
  • In some cases, boaters who stop on a sandbar are as close to the property owner as if they were on their front lawn in a neighborhood. Remember that these bottomlands are owned by the lakefront owner and respect their privacy and right to quiet enjoyment.
  • Noise travels efficiently over water and sometimes seems even louder; please be courteous in volume, and choose music and language that are considerate of lakefront owners.
  • Underage drinking and driving while intoxicated are illegal on water as well as on land. Don’t drink and drive, and don’t allow underage members of your party to consume alcohol.
  • If you are a lakefront owner who experiences unlawful use of a sandbar near your property, call 911 to contact law enforcement. It may be useful to write down the MC numbers of boats you can see, or to photograph the boats.