Marine Manners

Enjoying Walloon Lake for swimming, sailing, waterskiing, wakeboarding or using a PWC, powerboat or float boat is a highlight of summertime. It’s important to follow laws and rules regarding operation of watercraft, and to show courtesy to other lake users. Here is a review of safety laws in force on Walloon Lake.

Navigational buoys are installed and maintained in three places on Walloon Lake by the WLA. Please use care navigating near these buoys.
Safe boating courses are required for minors and recommended for every boater. Online courses are available by visiting Boat Michigan Course or The Michigan Boater Education Course.

The WLA works with local counties to offer a boater safety course on Walloon Lake each summer; dates will be posted on the events calendar. If you witness unsafe behavior, high speeds, or impaired driving, please contact marine patrol. Call 911 and tell them you have an emergency on Walloon Lake. The Lake is patrolled by the Emmet and Charlevoix County sheriff’s departments and you will be connected with the appropriate party.


Wakes and Shoreline

More and more powerful wakeboats are becoming common on Walloon Lake. While these boats can provide recreational enjoyment, they can also create erosion of our shorelines. Please use wakeboats at least 100 feet from nearby shorelines and docks, and xx feet from anchored watercraft.

If you witness unsafe boating or see erosion as a result of wakeboats, please contact the Michigan DNR at 1-800-292-7800. The DNR is examining this issue to determine how to protect our waterways; you should reach a person 24/7 at this number.

Marine Manners Publication