Government Affairs

The Walloon Lake Association works cooperatively with Emmet and Charlevoix Counties and with Resort, Melrose, Bear Creek, Bay and Evangeline Townships. The Government Affairs committee is made up of representative members for each township. This member attends regular meetings and explores issues of importance to the Association. 

Governmental Affairs Committee members are:

Bay Township: Jim Anderton
Bear Creek Township: Mike Eberhart
Evangeline Township: Bob Saddler
Melrose Township (and Village of Walloon Lake): Mary Pat Goldich
Resort Township: Holly Angileri and Don Burkhardt

Fireworks Ordinances  

Bear Creek and Evangeline Townships have established ordinances limiting the use of fireworks to the days immediately preceding and following national holidays. Please follow these links for specifics in each township. If you witness improper use of fireworks, please call 911 to contact local police.  Also alert your township supervisor.

Bear Creek Township

Evangeline Township