Benefits of Membership

Walloon Lake Association and Conservancy (WLAC) members care deeply about the quality of the waters of Walloon Lake and the quality of life enjoyed around it.  A sand-bottom, spring-fed lake that’s a gem of the up north landscape, Walloon extends into two counties and five townships.  

More than 900 residents occupy the shoreline, 78% of whom are members and supporters of the WLAC.  This rate of participation is among the highest in lake associations in the state of Michigan, and attests to the dedication of our members to protect the beauty and quality of this lake.  Please join us as we work to preserve, protect and defend this beautiful lake and the wonderful memories we have around it.

Members of the Walloon Lake Association and Conservancy are encouraged to help our local police officers and firefighters and register on SMART911 by clicking here.

Join the Walloon Lake Association and Conservancy

The mission of the Walloon Lake Association and Conservancy is to conserve, care for and enhance the connection of people to Walloon Lake and its watershed, now and forever. Your membership supports efforts to keep the lake clean and clear, combating invasive species, working with local government to protect the lake, and providing a way to connect with friends and neighbors.

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Everyone Who Loves Walloon Lake Should Join the Walloon Lake Association and Conservancy (WLAC)

The cost is only $95 annually.

WLAC works for you to protect the pristine beauty of Walloon Lake and the special qualities of Lake life we all know and love.  Below are some of the ways in which we accomplish our mission.

  • Diligent monitoring of water quality in various point along the lake with expert guidance from Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council
  • Research conducted by biologists to attempt to eradicate Swimmer’s Itch.
  • Identification and treatment of aquatic invasive species, particularly Eurasian watermilfoil which can quickly spread and overtake a lake to the point that navigation by boat becomes impossible.
  • Advice and guidance on topics that relate to water quality—for example proper planting and care of lakefront vegetation and education about the importance of having a sound septic system. 
  • A close relationship with various governmental authorities—for example township trustees and the local sheriffs.  This ensures that local officials know that residents are interested in the care and well-being of the lake, and provides a voice for members in actions taken at the local and county level.
  • Monitoring of development along the lake to ensure compliance with codes and regulations and notification of proper authorities to maintain the environmental quality of the lake.
  • A comprehensive directory listing all members and their contact information.
  • The Wallooner newsletter, published three times per year, including up to date information about the WLAC, local governments and other items of interest.
  • A fully staffed office in Walloon Village.
  • There are studies that have been done that show that property owners similar to our ownership on Walloon, that have a vigorous and active association such as ours, have property values that are 20% higher than comparable properties without an active association.