Probably the most common way to enjoy our preserves, hiking provides a plethora of benefits!

It’s an easy way to get outside – no special equipment necessary!
All skill levels are supported at our preserves – no place is too hard!
Pets love to hike with us – just keep them under control and respect other visitors!

Here are a few preserves especially loved for hiking:

Fields Preserve

  • Marked trails
  • Red trail takes you through sloping hills,  blue trail is more of a challenge and more rugged

Cedar Valley Preserve

  • Marked trails
  • Hilly/uneven terrain
  • A short detour from the trail provides views of South Arm Creek and a look at thriving wetlands

Cherry Lane Nature Area

  • Marked trails
  • Occasionally rolling terrain
  • Old hardwood forest, complemented by an abundance of new growth and several species of spring wildflowers

Wildwood Harbor Preserve

  • Marked trails featuring a small dock overlook of the north shore of Lake Evangeline
  • Bog ecosystem with diverse and environmentally significant plant species
  • Hilly terrain, trail provides diverse scenery and topography